Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” - Benjamin Franklin

A girl once said my eyes were full of death, that there was a certain hollowness in the way they blinked. She said my eyes were dark, that they were full of resentment and broken promises. She asked me who broke me and why I could possibly let someone destroy the person that I once was. Benjamin Franklin predicted that most people die at the age of 25 and aren’t buried until 50 years later, until their weary bodies can no longer fend for their broken souls. You see my reasoning for my eyes full of death are because they whole heartedly go with the words of Franklin. When you’ve given your all to someone and you’re foolish enough to lose them, that’s when a person dies. A person dies mentally, emotionally, and spiritually at the age of 25 and has to decay in their in skin until their bodies can no longer take the rotting stench of darkness. I loved a woman once, and God was she an angel. You meet someone and you never really expect much, you just meet them and one day without even knowing, they are your universe, your galaxies, your blistering suns, and half broken moons. I loved a woman once, that was my answer when she asked me why my eyes were full of death and why I could possibly let someone destroy me. I loved a woman once, I loved her whole, I loved her entirely, I loved a woman once. My eyes would avoid blinks just to intake all of her breaths. My hands felt like home when her tiny fingers would curve around my thumbs. My soul was hers, in all reality, it still is, because who am I to say I no longer love her. Benjamin Franklin said you die at the age of 25, just like that you lose the ambition to live, to dream, to love. You can ask me why, why I could possibly let someone do that to me. And my answer will always be: “I wouldn’t care if for the next 50 years my eyes were as dusky as demons crawling into abandoned corpses and I wouldn’t care if emptiness creeped through my veins like insects surrounding life. You see, I died at the age of 25, when I loved a woman whole, when I loved a woman entirely. A person without death in their eyes, a person without hollowness in their eyes, has not seen love at all, and what’s living for the next 50 years without the experience of love?
Dead Youth  (via h0pefulkid-withaninkedupheart)
One of the best things I’ve read in a long time.


This always makes me smile

"To my future children, eat your vegetables. Cry whenever you feel like it. Don’t let another kid tell you not to wear orange because it makes you look fat. Look fat if you fucking want to. Fat is a concept not a reality. Don’t swear. Don’t swear unless you fucking have to. Talk to animals. I will teach you how to speak to most birds, dogs, cats, and some rodents and reptiles the rest we can figure out together. Train your pokemon well. Have a well balanced team, it’ll teach to be well balanced in life. Do gymnastics, that helps with balance too. Eat your steak. Become a vegetarian if you want to but I’ll keep telling you steak is a vegetable because it is. Think about it, its like 99 percent grass. 

  Colour outside the lines and use the wrong colours. Brown teddy bears are so 1980s. Learn how to learn. Don’t learn the right answers. I wish I wrote this poem in kindergarten. Read books and play video games. They both teach you valuable things in life that you will not get anywhere else. Like how to conjure a helicopter out of mid air. Don’t be afraid to miss being a kid. I started missing it when I turned 10 and I still miss it at 21.

  Don’t be afraid to hit back. the consequences of a bureaucratic school system are nothing compared to the consequences of not learning how to assert no as early as possible. Your first word will be no. Beg me for a dog, even if we already have 5 because I’ll say no. And you will need to learn how to take no for an answer. Plead. stomp your feet. Get angry. Because learning how to say no and take no for an answer will be the two best things I can teach you in life. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Never buy vogue, people or Chanel magazines. These are the only things i may disown you for.

  Hug me. Don’t be afraid to ask me for love even if you feel like your too cool to want it. Hug me when your four. Hug me when your seventeen. hug me when your 22. Hug me when you feel like you might not love me anymore because I don’t even know you yet but i know I’ll love you forever which is longer than I’ll be around for. Never bleach your hair with actual bleach. Never throw away your childhood toys they may be all you have when your sobbing that your best friend ditched you for the cool kids. Be a cool kid. Be popular and bring everyone up to your level.

 Believe in yourself and everyone around you. Never ever ever let anyone tell you your stupid. Never believe that you are stupid. Never let anyone say that you are stupid. You are only a single celled egg living in mine or somebody elses ovaries right now but you are fucking brilliant. Don’t be afraid to cry infront of me and I will try my best to cry infront of you. Eat your fucking vegetables. except for brussel sprouts. Broccoli tastes better if you steam it. Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be afraid to hold a grudge but don’t be to callus to resolve it.

 Love your friends, love your enemies. Love everyone and anyone you set your eyes on. Fall in love with your eyes closed because that’s the damn best way to see how truly beautiful someone is.

Don’t have your heart broken. Have it smashed. Have it destroyed. Your heart should look like a post apocalyptic landscape at least once in your lifetime. Learn from it and remember what I said about grudges.

Don’t be afraid to sing. Be afraid of high heels and platform shoes. Learn either an instrument, a language, or a trade or all three. Intelligence is way more sexy than knowing how to swagger. Never, ever. ever, utter the word yolo in my house. Question everything you thought you knew about life regularly. Look at motivational pictures. Drink for taste. Don’t do drugs, alone. Eat a bunch of ice cream, twice, if you’ve got the money for it.

Don’t be afraid to be poor. Don’t be afraid. You will always be enough. ”    -“To My Future Children” A slam poem by Scout.


A highway patrol trooper pulled over a Miami police officer who sped past her at 120 mph. Soon after, she was so relentlessly harassed that she contacted the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, only to find that her driver’s license information had been accessed by over 88 law enforcement officers more than 200 times in a three-month period.


A highway patrol trooper pulled over a Miami police officer who sped past her at 120 mph. Soon after, she was so relentlessly harassed that she contacted the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, only to find that her driver’s license information had been accessed by over 88 law enforcement officers more than 200 times in a three-month period.


"She translates "How are you? " into fuck me, says "Hey Love" is just man talk for I’ll break you later and she ain’t got no time to be broken, shes too broke to be broke and she smells too much like happiness and regrets

like memories and miracles in reverse

she wears her pain like she wears her skin..
She is an off tune ballad of cries..

Too sore to fly

Too fly to soar.”

B. Yung She’s been absent

But I’ve learned that the same thing that pulls the feign to the pipe
Is the same thing that pulls a human being to the light:
The love of love
A means to cope

So I try to inhale their dreams and exhale hope
Homeboy said ‘man, the people either feel it or don’t
So you can inhale their dreams and exhale hope
But you better chew coca leaves and spit out dope’
And that reminded me of a passage, and I quote:
“Our Lord will not change the condition of a people
Until they change the condition that’s what’s within themselves,” end quote

Who would want their heart broken? But now that mine has been split open, I wonder who would want their heart closed
Can you drink from the coconut without striking it
Can you smell the aloeswood without lighting it
so much sweetness is violent
so much beauty in breaking
until i smashed my hardened heart
against harder rocks
living is a labor
dying is an art
make no mistake
i am injured
my heart
a sweet
sun warmed mango
lying open
its juice unruly
sultry fragrant
insane and sacred
noble and naked
Amir Sulaiman

"a lesser
left in
left field
my right now
is gaining on
my back then
my yesterday
is folding in on itself
the collapsing
the imploding
is exposing
those things
that when touched by light
are crushed by light
my life
is a dark room

over exposure

smile for the photo
cry for the poem

I’m doing great

Way better than I really am”

Amir Sulaiman


1. If I could I would nail these hands to the edges of stars. I would sacrifice this body to the sky hoping to resurrect as someone spiteful enough to not care about you anymore.

2. Staple me to a cross. Pierce my side with a broken promise and I will bleed all the crippled reasons why you deserve one more chance.

3. Loving you was the last thing that I felt really good at.

4.You wanna know how I got these scars? See, I ripped every last piece of you out of my smile. 

5. I whispered you stardust.

6. I spoke you into sunflowers. 

7. I dipped my hands in forever. I touched you infinity. Treated you as if you were the last molecule of oxygen inside of a gas chamber. I was good to you.

8. You wanna know how I got these scars? See, I swallowed my pride and then it clawed it’s way out of my mouth. 

9. I realized I was never really your boyfriend. I was just your fuckin hype man. 

10. I hope your next boyfriend gets smallpox.

10. Yes I said smallpox!

10. I hate you!

10. But I still I miss you!

10.  and a part of me still loves you!

10. It’s hard for me to count when I get emotional.

10. I heard that 90% of human interaction is nonverbal so….

10. If I could I would tie your arms to a daydream and then auction you off to my fondest memories. 


~B. Yung

I am a queen
forced to clash with
half of my class with
class and more attitude
than a little bit,
but I’m built like that
conquering the box that
holds me down
cause the game is real like that,
but I’m pushing
never moving forth
before the fort is protected
I’m the most important

"…let’s put it like this,

I wanna be your ex boyfriend’s stuntman,

I wanna do everything that he never had the courage to do,


Like trust you.”

Rudy Francisco